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Originally Posted by Waterboy908 View Post
I'm playing on Apocalyptic and I'm on a broken bridge in the broken stair. A Trauma spawns and I have no idea how the hell I'm suppose to beat this guy. He gets about two hits on you and, boom, you're out. I do the whole 'hit a few times and run' thing, but nothing works. Any suggestions?
For me the trick was jumping. The Trauma dude seems te be doing a lot of sweeping attacks and i jumped over 90% of his attacks. Just hit the @#%$ out of him when in the air and make sure to jump up again when he attacks.

Hope this helps

Also for the Griever fight:
The laser cant hit you when you're behind the cart. But for me the falling rocks didnt hit me either when i was in the far back of the room. As soon as the rocks stopped falling i pushed the cart. The fight was over in just a few minutes
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