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Yep, just what you two said. I got sick of trying last night so I tried to change instruments, progress lost, back at Eye of the Tiger.

Oh well. I know I'd never be able to bear Visions at that level, I'm simply not fast enough. I'll just have to settle for Vinyl on stringed instruments when I start again. J
Hopefully I can get Gold with vocals (I simply don't have the range to do Platinum, at least not six-plus hours with).

I was more laughing than frustrated at Visions; can't get too mad at a game. My friend and I just felt so pathetic that we could do everything else (afterwards I tried Painkiller and that Dream Theatre song on hard bass; 5* and 4* respectively, first try) but fail so miserably at Visions. I do wish I had gotten to keep my fans, money, and stars earned through 81/84 songs, but I guess there's no points for failure in this world.

One thing I hope Harmonix has heard (again not to bitch about Visions like everyone else) from the Visions issue is that we don't so much mind the genre of death metal; to each their own, and I have no problem with variety even though it isn't personally my thing. The issue is the dramatic scaling of difficulty between it and every other song on the setlist. Consistency, please, for RB3 =)

Thanks all. Off to working on Gold in Beatles. Only three more achievements.
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