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Originally Posted by Tailz View Post
Its really not that complicated if you follow my tips
lolz i hate to burst your bubble but "tips" alone can't save you from the hell that is EA's website. every time i try to make a mask it makes me try to add a persona, when i try to link my gamertag it says it's already in use, which it is, ON THAT PROFILE. so i'm stuck in a never ending loop of never being able to get the AOT portion of EA's site to realize i just want to make a mask and have it sent to the account it already plainly has on file. not to mention the fact that the site runs slower than christmas and not half as much fun. though this kind of idiocy shouldn't be new to anyone who has ever played an EA game, lest we forget NFS "beat the mods" ach? seriously how many people do you know that have those? good luck to others out there may you have more good fortune than i did.
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