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Destroy opponents?


I've finished Highway Nights, and am missing a single achievement, which requires me to destroy 10 opponents.

Somehow, I've ramped up 4 kills already, but can't figure out how to destroy them on purpose. I tried the "Guests of the state" mission, but no matter how often I bump into the chasing cars, I can't get them destroyed.

Those 3-4 vehicles always destroy the limousine, before I even destroy a single one of them. I either bump into the left or right rear of them, which makes them spin around, but even though I do that 10-11 times, they don't explode.

Shooting them to explode doesn't seem to rate as a "destroy" either, and doing the training mission where I can explode a car with the remote car doesn't count either.

Please, tell me how to destroy opponents or which mission to pick instead of "Guests of the state" :-)

Thanks a heap,
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