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A MUCH easier way for Perfect World Champion Achievement

Okay after many tries I actually found an incredibly easier way to get this achievement.

1)Make sure you have a turbo controller (i.e Street Fighter pad, etc)

2)Set the X button (jab) to turbo

3)When the match begins drain energy from your opponent THEN back up, stand still, and just hold down the X button. Your character will start punching fast and what the opponent will do is get close to you (though not close enough to actually hit you) and they will start sweeping missing you completely. They'll stay locked in this position until the time is over giving you the victory being that you have more energy then him/her.

NOTE: THIS WORKS ON THE MAJORITY OF CHARACTERS. The exceptions (from what I expirienced) was Ken, Ryu, Dhalsim, Honda, and Guile. These guys you may have to actually beat (BE CHEESY!)

4)Now, when it comes to the final 4 bosses I read that MANY people have had problems with Balrog but there is a SUPER SIMPLE SOLUTION. Once you get to Balrog just make sure he has less energy then you, then try to knock him down (trip him) then get VERY close to him (though not close enough to hit him) DUCK then hold down the X button while ducking. What Balrog does is he'll staying ducking in the blocking position and he wont move. Let time expire and pick up the victory.

NOTE: This works on Balrog, Vega, and Sagat. Bison you may have to beat legit (CHEESE HIS ASS!).

Hope this helps and good luck!
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