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Suprising Game

I bought this game for no reason. It was cheap and I purchased it with not many expectations. After it just lying with the rest of my games for 5 months i decided to finally take a crack at it, and i have to say it definitely surprised me. It took me just less than 6 hours to complete in assassin mode that includes collecting all the passports except one. This also included getting some easy misc achievements on the way.

It was easily one of the better games i've played in ages. I have played many of the new games and they just haven't been able to entice me. This did just that.

It gave me the same feeling as I got when i first played Wanted WOF. It was an underated cheap movie imitation. But damn it was a good one. The takedowns never got boring and neither did playing it.

This is another game i would be proud to complete the full 1k and soon should do.

Did anyone else feel this game was better than what people have said of it?
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