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If I'm not mistaken, is the Golden Gun room not something to reference Goldeneye, the room in the Temple where you get the Golden Gun? Or something like the Pulse Rifle/Inertial Element/Shotgun looks kind of familiar to me too....

And let's not forget the Devastators look like ED-209, the Tarantulas are most likely a nod to Wild Wild West, and two soldiers think that if they "liberated" the Cubs from Chicago they'd win more often. Also, if you sneak into rooms as opposed to running in all willy-nilly, you hear some funny conversations. (One I found funny in particular was two soldiers making fun of a third who "finally figured out how to zip his suit up the right way")

A fairly obvious one is the "Hookshot" which is more Zelda-ish than Metroid-ish, although it's in both games(though in Metroid it's known as the Grapple Beam)

One last one, but is it me or does the "armor" Jason gets with the Thrust Pack kind of make him look like Sam Fisher? xD
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