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Originally Posted by TOBY DA THUG View Post
but there is a part missing...

in order to get the lullabye record from the bee in bed you must use the switch in the bedroom!
I think you mean the lever in the dining-room;

- Task 2 - The garden siege.
Open door.
Climb stairs.
Pick up tennis racquet.
Open door.
Open front door.
Activate gnome. (The one with stop/go sign)
Use tennis racquet with gnome. (The one with nothing in his hands)
Enter house.
Open dining room door.
-> Pull lever. (Act 3: Buzz Cutter 2/5) <-

The PULL LEVER part removes the bee from the bedroom, leaving Gromit free to collect the lullaby record in the next task!

It clearly states in my foreword that if you do not follow the guide implicitly, you may get stuck! This is an obvious example.
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