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Still trying to figure this out all the way. Since Xbox 360 owners have no way to delete their gamesaves then there has to be another way.

Anyways currently I have beat the game single player on easy mode. I know for a fact that I have A+ or A Ranked all the boss fights aka conclusions except for the 2nd beaver fight. I may have A ranked it, but I don't remember. I have A ranked all other conclusion fights as well.

Now I didn't do them all in a row. Like CloudedJudgement says to do them all in a row, and make sure you get A rank if you don't get A Rank quit to Taleville, and try again. HIS METHOD IT SEEMS IS TO DO IT ON A FRESH SAVE OR A GAME THAT HAS 0/22. Well I can't delete my game save plus I have 22/22 on easy done and I have 3/22 on medium done, and no way am I going to try to A Rank this crap on hard mode.

So what I am going to try to do is play it all over on EASY mode. Start to finish. Of course I am going to go ahead and fight the beaver the 2nd time. Then play the 15 level method in a row. See what happens. Maybe do half tonight the other half tomorrow and see if it works.

My question is...Has anyone that has already completed easy on the Xbox 360 version? Where you able to get this achievement say after you already beat easy mode and going for this achievement playing on the easy difficulty?

The one guy several post above said he had his say 13/22 on easy done, and he somehow got it? I don't know what or how the hell that happened for him, but hey dude did you atleast beat easy mode before this cheevo popped? Any assistance would be futile!
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