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ok so check it...its not the fact that you can get this by a glitch or anything. but heres a way of getting it quick.

what i did was host a match for 5 minutes. over night for a lil over a week...well that adds up to alot of matches.

Now follow these configs and after about a week youll have it.
(Has to be on Live)

A] Mode - Co-Op Territory
B] Type - Defend
C] Map - Old Town (map doesnt matter but the enemy seems to spawn quicker on this map)
D] Time - 5 MINUTES
E] Kit - No restrictions
F] Advanced Settings - Auto Launch Timer - 30 seconds
(also set your deaths to 1 spawn)**

Now! heres the best part. set this up right before you go to bed (or before school).

You figure the avg person sleeps about 8 hours (and the avg school day is about 8-10 hours)...the avg gamer sleeps about 10hrs...

within 1 hour thats 10 matches (at 1 match being about 6 minutes, counting 30 second auto-launch and loading...but not counting if you get killed in the match**)

within 10 hours thats 100 matches. 10 nights in a row....BAM! 1000 worked great!

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