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Originally Posted by daninthemix View Post
I just finished the game and I think more needs to be made of the Master Researcher one (or whatever it's called) as that's the only one I missed - and the only subject I hadn't maxed was Big Daddys.

PLEASE can you add to the guide that the last Big Daddys are in Fontaine Futuristics so if you haven't maxed their research by then you need keep wandering around and filming/fighting them.

Alphas, Bouncers, and basically everything else is in abundance during the last level so no worries their.

As long as you film every Big Sister encounter you'll be fine also.
Unfortunately everything is in abundance except for the one enemy I needed just a tiny bit of research on, Spider Slicers. I couldn't find even one during the last few levels of the game so I'd also suggest everyone research those as soon as you can. Blah, planned on going through it again on hard but it's just annoying how close I was.
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