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Originally Posted by TheFreshPrince View Post
For Brass it ok if I accidently used a Vita-Chamber, then reloaded a past save?
I believe it is. Since you are going to a point before you used the Vita Chamber the game shouldn't count it as having used it.

i have a question about the weapon upgrades, there are 14 upgrade machines, but when you count the weaponupgrades, you count up to 18.
do you just have to make 14 upgrades?
That's what it says on the cheevo. I guess if it's 18 total and you only get 14 you have to be careful of what upgrades you choose.

Unfortunately everything is in abundance except for the one enemy I needed just a tiny bit of research on, Spider Slicers. I couldn't find even one during the last few levels of the game so I'd also suggest everyone research those as soon as you can
Thanks for that. I've been filming their dead bodies if I miss the chance to film them in action. Definitely gonna try more action shots though.
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