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This is a really bad road map. Tells nothing in a 100 word post. LOL......

I Would say these are the things you need to know:

Play on Normal

Level 1-Get the Paratrooper Chievo then Restart the Level to get the Sharp shooter Chievo. Don't use the MP50 though, grapple until you find the single shot rifle. You can go for the head shot cheivo as well. Don't try for the 1explosion four kills with the truck, it's a waste of time.

Level 2-A good Level to get the 1explosion 4 kills chevio since there are a lot of Gerrys at the bunkers. Also you can try for the ten head shots since your NPC's will be doing alot of killing.

Level 3-Best level for 10 head shots in a row, since the enemy tends to say still. Do this right from the jump, even before you find the Vamp sniper(clicking the right joystick helps you find other snipers). Don't go for Grapples though, i died way too many times and still had to reload to get my 10 head shots.

Level 4- Just complete, when you are stuck look up for ledges or pipes to shimmy on. And in the where house you have to turn two valves then the main one on the back wall.

Level 5- When you enter the basement you have a chance for three chievios. If you go left threw the kitchen doors, you can slam an enemies head threw a TV(you can also get this when you go upstairs). If you go back and go right there is one room with more enemies and a furnace room.You save the constitution by killing the Gerry and picking it off the pile to your left. Also if had Zero luck with the 1explosion 4 kills, when you are guarding your friends back 4 Nazis will come from the elevator. Save 1 Nade and it's the chievo is yours. When you go upstairs right before you met comrade in the large room, if begin to grapple here you will have a chance to grapple 19 people mostly one on one or one on two.
Don't let the president pickup his guy, he is almost unstoppable if you let him"reach for his pen"

Level 6- When you descend into the Nazi Labs, you can go straight and see a Security station on the left. Inside there is an enemy on the toilet to get swirly time with(you can also do it on the way out). Try to nade the heavy machine gun guys and save their gun for after you plant the second bomb.

Level 7- Save some rockets for when you get to the top and Kill the two blimps to the right of the bridge for a chievo, but before you waste those Rockets take out the turrets on the main blimp. They are a bitch when they start shooting.

Level 8- Take your time, save the sniper and the rockets when get them, no scoping enemies is always a shot kill and you can clear whole rooms with the rockets, specially the end........... longest part of the game will be the running cheivo.

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