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Originally Posted by Anji View Post
Just to save some people 10-hours, you don't have to do your buddy side missions in the bar. Those are not Buddy missions, when you subvert a mission.... that is a buddy mission.

Also, not sure what your Rep does. When your nobody(level 1)
everybody wants to kill you because they don't know who you are. Conversely, when you are somebody(level 5) everybody wants to kill you because they know who you are!!!!!!!!!!
Originally the buddy missions and rep were meant to directly affect how people reacted to you and your options in a mission. I guess it must have got too hard or they ran out of time or something because it never made it into the final game. Your alleigence to each buddy depending on saving their lives, completing missions etc is shown in the menus but it doesn't affect anything. Also your rep, as you said, does next to stuff all. It is fun to pull a gun on someone in a safe area though and watch the guys cower. Very rewarding.

Wish they'd finished implementing it properly. This game could've been so great but it felt like they got the groundwork done then rushed the rest (repetetive missions and rep system not meaningful)
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