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Originally Posted by LLC2003 View Post
Did you become number #1 Pro before the patch was released? If so, this may be the issue.

There should be no reason why you ONLY get the shirt, shorts + shoes but NOT the cap + glasses.

Most people who won the 'King of Players Tournament' before the patch are not able to unlock the 'Coronation' achievement.

All I can say is try removing the patch (use code in other thread), and also clearing your cache. Then get to Number #1 Pro again and it may unlock.
Yeah, I've tried all of that already. I have only played after the patch was released. I read on another forum about someone theorizing that this glitch is because they had a female created player, which I have as well and it seems plausible. Has anyone with a female player successfully gotten all 5 items?

It would really suck to have to play a new player all the way from scratch to #1 Pro just for that SEGA achievement
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