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First off, thank you "I Push Buttons" for posting this in the first place...

Didn't notice this being mentioned in the previous posts following the OP but if you have the other player standing at your flag spawn while in stealth you can net up to 500 to 540XP instead of 440 XP per match if you melee him/her with their catpured flag right before you plant it. You get a few extra Defensive XP points and bonus XP points since they are so close to your flag spawn.

So in retrospect...

Map: Quarantine

Game Mode: Capture the Flag
-10 Points
-5 Minutes (won't take that long, but just to be safe)...

-Thermo Rocket
-Fleetfoot (starting backpack)

Just add this to the setup:
-Stealth backpack (spawning on the map)
-130% Speed (as suggested in some of the previous posts)
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