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Agreed. Craptastic! My main gripe with this game is I thought it was going to be a real simulation style game (figuring African Safari was the one you can kinda do whatever in). But this game is in no way realistic. The goal of this game it to actually run at the animals and chase them down and hopefully kill them. I was expected a game where you hide in a tree stand and use your call to lure them in. Nope. You just run for them and hope you get an open area without trees so you get a clear shot. There is no skill at all involved in this game. Worst of all, some of the guns have aiming issues. That's not good when the game is all about shooting. All the other stuff that was mentioned is also true. If an animal attacks you and shoot it and then shoot it again right after they will either warn you, fine you, or simply end your hunt depending how many strikes you have against you.
Quite possibly the worst shooting game I have ever played. And that's saying alot as FPS's are my favorite. The worst 1000 points I have ever achieved.
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