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It's a very weird situation. Everyone I've spoken to who has played Bully, absolutely loved it.. but not that many people played it.

It's without doubt my favourite open world soft-RPG. It is far better that GTA, as the story line is infinitely more accessible. As a a result, I found myself caring far more about everything as I could relate. Drug dealers, pimps and gang life are something I don't give a shit about. I've always found it hard to understand why people love GTA so much - running over pedestrians can only be fun for a certain amount of time.

Bully was never a grind for me - every new mission was fantastically different from the last (in fact, it was my first ever 1000G).

If this game does get made, I just hope it is advertised and PR'd properly. It deserves to do well, in my opinion.
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