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Originally Posted by JunkSkelington View Post
Funny that I bought this game on launch day and I don't have a single achievement for it, guess the game was really bad ;x

I think i'm gonna go back and 1k it because the first 360 game I ever bought deserves to be maxed.
I was pretty much in exactly the same boat. I also bought this game on launch day and didn't get a single achievement for a couple years. Then one random day in 2008 one of my friends came over and wanted to play it because he's a huge Nintendo Rare fan. We played for a little bit on multiplayer where I quickly earned some of the 10 kill achievements but that's all I ever earned. Actually I'm pretty sure that's the last time I even had the game on. But for whatever reason I decided I should try to 1000 point it yesterday, so I started playing again and unlocked a few more achievements last night.
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