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Originally Posted by steve36ty View Post
discounts do move keeping their same value and new cars will unlock
certain previously unlocked cars in the old region will be locked after moving
Each move is more expensive, 100,000k for the 1st, 500,000k for the 2nd.....
I suggest getting to level 50, buying every car in your current region,
unlock the 'All Gold' Achievement - then move

Nb. times quoted to level up were my own rounded up
I didn't intend to imply they were minimum or compulsary times
All times vary and alot of you will be quicker than me
I'm the Lewis and Clark, paving the way so you don't have to
Thanks mate. I was one button press away from trying this last night, but I figured I'd wait until I had all my Europe region cars first.

Originally Posted by Fonkey Monkey View Post
you can re-do races right?
if not im pretty much screwed
Yes. The easiest way to earn the money is to enter the highest level enduro you have opened. Set difficulty to easy, all others to the highest (the AI doesn't care about the line, manual shift , or any assists, so you may as well crank them up for the bonus money). Grab the best car for that series and put a 55% driver in. I recommend the American, he's the best of the 3 lowest drivers, IMHO. Then let the 360 race while you do something else. The Suzuka race is earning about $153k a race for me that way.

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