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Originally Posted by final1980 View Post
Has anyone had the problem of 28 of the 30 logs. I know 30 is in the data hive but I loaded the map and went to every location shown and all the landmarks that contained the audio log were collected it said. So according to the map I have 29 of 30 but according to the game I only have 28 of 30. I am kinda stuck any advice would be much appreciated. Do I need to finish the game and then go back, I am in solo mode btw.
I have the exact same problem, I am very frustrated right now!

I wrote down the beginning of each log and I used this site which numbers the logs and their location

Apparently I am missing log #28 but when I go to the map which I remembered already getting that log, it doesn't let me pick it up again

I have also seen more than 10 engineers floating around, is all this normal?
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