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Play with a friend an start a game at solomon.
You are P1 and you friend is P2.
Than do the following:

1) P1 makes a sub while P2 makes ships.

P1 pilots his sub and camps outside P2 shipyard and destroys P2 ships (keep count)
with torps achieving 15 hits and 15 mins time.
2) P1 makes a battleship (more artillery) and camps for 25 mins destroying P2 ships
with artillery achieving 200 hits and totaling 10 ships destroyed (including sub kills).
3) P1 stays in battleship while P2 directs waves of unarmed (no bombs/torps) planes at P1 battleship.
P1 destroys 50 planes and achieves 100 AA hits.
4) P1 flys a plane for 20 mins.
5) P1 wins by destroying P2 bases.

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