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Originally Posted by eXiled Killah View Post
Driver tends to pit otherwise, therefore losing his position. I can live with the 5k if it guarantees the win on the first go
Ok, I'm just saying my driver has won 100% percent of the time with all aids off on Easy difficulty when I give him the proper car. Starting 8th or starting 1st it doesn't matter. If your guy is losing cause of pit strategy, you may need a new driver or a new car. If you can change the tire compound on your car try one step harder compound, he won't have to pit as often.

Originally Posted by Maka View Post
Since this topic went to endurances, I had a question for you guys. It seems that I leave my xbox on to do races for me often. Although I set the difficulty to "easy" with damage at simulation and no Racing line, at the end of the race, it gives me Minus money and says that I used all the assists eventhough I turned them off. Can anyone help me? Tell me what Im doing wrong?

And I need a sure answer for something else. Does it make a difference if you turn ABS and TCS on or off for your driver?
I think the neg money is a glitch. It has done it to me twice. Usually fixes itself next race though.

Turn ABS, STM, and TCS off for your driver. He doesn't care.

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