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HOw does it really work?

Okay, so how does this achievement really work? Do I have to do all 5 in a row without bailing on any of them? Do I have to do each one without bailing (so finish #5 without bailing, then do #2 until I can finish it without bailing, etc.)? I know I don't have to do them in order, but I would really like some help here. My problem is this: I do #5 (my hardest one) and finish it without bailing, then pick #2, the next hardest one for me. If I miss a trick, I think I can select pause, then Select Challenge and pick #2 again. If I do this, my checkmarks for #5 disappear (they may have already, I don't know). Is this okay? Does anyone know how this whole achievement actually works? It's killing me
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