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Thought I'd post this little tidbit, which basically got me a full bar of a research on any subject for each reel I recorded.

I don't think order matters in this. I think what matters here is plasmids used, and how many times.

Start recording. The first thing you want to do is use Incinerate/Electrobolt. Second, use the opposite. Then use freeze. Each one of these plasmids is 100 research points, right off the bat, +1 for contact. Should be at a minimum of 303 right now.

I would then let the enemy unfreeze. Hacking away or shooting at them might cause them to shatter, reducing any potential for more points.

Second, (this should actually be first), you might want to have a few bots on you. Each unique bot counts as unique points. One bot landing a single hit on your enemy counts as 101 points. If you have two bots, that's 202. If there's a sentry turret thrown in there, that's 303. If a friendly camera spots an enemy and calls in a 3rd bot... well you get the idea. These points start adding up FAST. You're probably at about 700 now, and we haven't even used a weapon yet!

From here, the best way to add points is absolutely the drill. Without the bullet damage tonic, bullets do not add a ton. The drill is exempt from the rule, as holding it down for about a second will net you somewhere in the range of 150-200 points. If you have the bullet research tonic, switch to that and land about 4-5 machine gun bullets in the enemy for another 150ish points.

If you follow that guide I posted above, you should get one research track per enemy with no problem.
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