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mmmh - ive got a problem with
8. Battle of Guan Du-
Treasure Criteria: Seize the frontlines and carry out the ambush within 9 minutes of the start of the battle, afterwards defeat Himiko within 1 minute 40 seconds of her appearance.

i capured the garrisons and killed himiko within 9 mins (and himiko on sight as she was appearing) and still i couldn't find the treasure can someone specify the location ... ive done this 5 times in the row now and it sucks that i couldn't find it.

- oh and to make himiko appear you only need to kill masamune date (inside the first castle), keiji maeda (outside of the last garrison on the way to help nagahide niwa) and sima yi (in the middle of the map on the way back to the south) and if the 3 garrisons are captured, himiko will appear the most southern spawnpoint - if your fast enough you catch her when shes appearing.

done - found a good vid on youtube for this mission.

by the way good guide- got all treasures so far.

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