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Little Snow, Conflicting Info and best ways to level at end game?

Ok this is a multi-part question and hopefully someones still checking up on these forums whos played the game. Ok first off I somehow managed too on my first playthrough take out first Underworld then Nameless Army and somhow making it possible to do bothe Al and Break recruit missions if I save before then go back and do the other, sadly by proxy that left me in the end with only Overlord and Shilneeg(since Shilneeg was gay enough to take down Fauster). But here be the question after you beat one of the two last armies does the game end or can I still get little snow on top of that will not haveing recruited Snow stop me from getting Jadou on play 2? I've been getting conflicting intel from various sources one says you can just get him on newgame+ others say you have to have ALL other people recruited but all seem pretty shur that you need to have little snow first. Finally what Find Work jobs have you all had good progress with at the endgame since my core team is mostly 56-62; I attempted the taking out overlord army and got to part two and got rolled I need to level some more I guess and I'm out of Missions that arent rape face level 9's.
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