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Camera Shy - 10
Destroy 5 security cameras.

Cameras can be found only on missions 1.1 and 6.1. If spotted by a camera, you'll set off an alarm and have guards called to your position. It only takes a few bullets (or one well placed explosion) to destroy each camera.
This is cumulative and does not need to be done on a single mission or difficulty, though you can get it fairly easily be the end of your first playthrough. Note however that you need to destroy 5 DIFFERENT cameras- repeatedly destroying a single camera doesn't work.

Deadly Laptop - 10
Kill 50 enemies using the laptop in sentry gun mode.

Can be completed in a custom combat simulator game. Set the score limit to 50 kills, all weapons as laptop guns, max fistsims/peacesims on meat difficulty (all on the one team), one hit kills, and hide in a room with only one access point (Felicity has a few rooms like this, in particular one not far from the stairs heading up to the toilets in the main area). Place a sentry in front of the entrance and watch as they charge and get ripped to shreds. You’ll need to replace the sentry every once in a while (as it only has a limited amount of ammo). This is cumulative across all game modes.

Paci-Fist - 10
Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agent or harder using only your fists.

The easiest way to do this is on the secret mission The Duel (which unlocks after completing at least bronze level on all 32 weapons in the firing range) on Special Agent difficulty. As you start off, change to your fists and run around the partition to your right, keep running until you get close enough to punch the guard. If you stop behind the partition, you’ll get killed as soon as you move out.
Next you have to fight Jonathon, which is actually easier than the first guy since he always hides behind the partition anyway. Head behind there and punch him in the back and he’ll drop with one or two hits, netting you the achievement.

Tools Of The Trade - 10
Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the Firing Range.

Completing the first challenge for each weapon will give you a bronze rating. All of these are fairly easy, however you will need to unlock each weapon first before being able to use them (picking up each weapon from either campaign or the combat simulator challenges unlocks them).

Here’s a list of the weapons you’ll need (in firing range order):
| Falcon 2 // Falcon 2 (scope) // Falcon 2 (silencer) // MagSec 4 // Mauler
| Phoenix // DY357 Magnum // DY357-LX // CMP150 // Cyclone // Callisto NTG
| RCP-120 // Laptop Gun // Dragon // K7 Avenger // AR34 // SuperDragon
| Shotgun // Reaper // Sniper Rifle // Farsight XR-20 // Devastator
| Rocket Launcher // Slayer // Combat Knife // Crossbow // Tranquiliser
| Laser // Grenade // Proximity Mine // Remote Mine // Timed Mine

Head here for guides to all 96 weapon challenges.
As of Title Update 2, if this achievement glitched previously it should unlock the next time you start the game. If it doesn't, you might need to start redoing the challenges in a fresh save (using a usb stick is a good idea if you want to keep your old save).

Versatile - 10
Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six Scenarios.

All six scenarios are available from the start of the game.

The scenarios are:
- Combat
- King of the Hill
- Hold the Briefcase
- Capture the Case
- Hacker Central
- Pop a Cap

Complete a match in each scenario to unlock the achievement (any settings work: eg 1 minute games, first to 1 point etc).

Golden Days - 10
Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons.

Pretty simple- complete a combat simulator game on one of the 3 Goldeneye maps with one of the Classic weapons sets. Any game type and rules work. This is obtainable from the start of the game.

Prime Target - 10
Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the 10th Prime number.

One of the harder achievements for the game. The challenges start off fairly easy, becoming progressively more difficult as you move towards challenge 30. Take advantage of your weapons secondary modes to set traps wherever possible (things like laptop sentries, though remember you can only have one sentry set at a time- throwing another sentry down will destroy the previous one) along with proximity mines and the Dragon’s secondary mine- you’ll particularly need this kind of backup on the later King of the Hill challenges.
For some challenges you’ll have one or two sims on your team as backup- you can change their aggressiveness by holding down the change weapon button, then pressing twice while the centre option is selected. These sims are usually only useful for diverting fire from you.
Using a character such as a Maian body with a human head can be helpful, as you can move faster. To do this, select the head you want, hold , then press down to switch to the body selection. Continue holding , releasing after you get the body you want (also works to get around the male/female restriction).
Also, you don’t actually need to win the match to complete the challenge- forcing a draw will also count as complete.

A guide for all 30 challenges can be found here. The challenges can be completed offline or online- however if playing challenges online, completion is only recorded for the host.

Currently this achievement is consistantly popping up for people after obtaining any 29 stars (the stars represent the number of people the challenge was beaten with, eg 1 player gives the first star, 2 players gives the second star) and then reloading the game. It is unclear if the achievement is glitching or if the description is just misleading- either way this is a much easier method to unlock the achievement.

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Perfect Dark Achievement Guide
Perfect Dark Firing Range Guide
Perfect Dark Guide Collection + Glitch List
<- links to all guides in the PD forum

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