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A Friend Indeed - 10
Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode.

Another simple one, completing any mission/difficulty in coop will do (a mission refers to the whole group, eg. 1.1/1.2/1.3 so doing a mission that only has one part such as 2.1 or 7.1 is much faster). Can be completed online or split screen local. It does not unlock if you use a simulant, regardless of how many missions you complete with them.

...Who Needs Enemies? - 10
Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode.

Same as A Friend Indeed but in counter-op. The counter-op player can go around killing all the enemies to speed things along (using the suicide pill or shooting other enemies). This will only unlock if you complete all objectives in the mission, and if the player trying to complete the mission is killed by the counter-op player (or any other enemy) the achievement doesn't unlock for either player.

dataDyne Specialist - 10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons.

There are 8 dataDyne weapons you need:
- DY357 Magnum: First obtainable on mission 1.3- take out the first 5 guards without being seen. The 5th guard drops one. Alternatively, the FBI guys wearing trenchcoats in mission 3.1 all carry DY357s (you want the guys that set off alarms, NOT the civilian guys that put their hands up when they see you with a gun)
- CMP150: Can be found on the first guard you come across.
- Dragon: First obtainable on mission 1.2 near the terminal you need to hack to proceed
- K7 Avenger: Can be found in the firing range on mission 1.2
- SuperDragon: Can be found on a few enemies in mission 4.2
- Shotgun: Cassandra’s bodyguards in mission 1.3 all have shotguns
- Devastator: Destroy the boxes on the helipad in mission 2.1 and you’ll find it inside one of the boxes.
- Rocket Launcher: As you head to the roof in mission 1.3, you’ll find one on a pedestal with a guard and two scientists standing around it

Carrington Institute Specialist - 10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons.

There are 8 Carrington Institute weapons you need kills with:

- Falcon 2: Starting weapon on mission 1.2
- Falcon 2 (Silencer): Starting weapon on mission 1.1
- Falcon 2 (Scope): Starting weapon on mission 1.3
- Laptop Gun: Can be found on mission 1.1 (in the secret area on Perfect- let the programmer roam out of sight and he’ll unlock the locked door near the elevators and stairs) but you also start with one on mission 2 (if playing on Perfect Agent)
- AR34 Assault Rifle: You’ll start with this on mission 7.1
- Sniper Rifle: You’ll start with one on mission 2.1 (if playing on Agent or Special Agent, if playing on Perfect you find it in the shower off from the bedroom on the same mission)
- Crossbow: You start with one on mission 5.1 (must use secondary mode for the kill to count)
- Laser: You start with this on mission 7.1

Maian Specialist - 10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the Maian weapons.

This one’s quick and easy since there’s only 3 Maian weapons in the game.

Phoenix – There’s a technician standing near a robot interceptor on mission 4.1 (in the same area as the roller door elevators that you take to get into the base)- lure him away from the robot and punch him out before destroying the robot. Head upstairs in the first room of the next mission and turn to the left. If you kept the technician alive on the previous mission, he'll unlock the door for you after you try to open it (sometimes if you make enough noise a guard ends up opening the door, but the technician method is much faster)- head on through and eventually you’ll find a Phoenix. Alternatively, disarm Elvis on mission 8.1
Callisto NTG – Disarm one of the Maian soldiers in mission 8.1 to steal their gun. You also start with one on mission 9.1
Farsight XR-20 – Elvis hands you one in mission 6.2

Agent - 10
Complete the Solo Missions on Agent

--see Perfect Agent--

Special Agent - 15
Complete the Solo Missions on Special Agent.

--see Perfect Agent--

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