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Perfect Agent - 20
Complete the Solo Missions on Perfect Agent.

For the 3 completion achievements, you need to complete all story missions (the 4 bonus missions listed under Special Assignments are not required). First up, this is not a run and gun game, and attempting to treat it as such for most parts of the game (particularly when playing on Special Agent or above) will likely just result in you dying repeatedly. You don’t have regenerating health or checkpoints like in most modern shooters, so you’ll instead need to use stealth wherever possible. Ducking out of cover to pick off guards then getting back behind cover is a good idea. On Perfect, enemies are much more accurate and inflict more damage (while being able to take more abuse) so getting repeatedly shot for a few seconds (or caught in explosions) will result in death. Pay attention to the sounds of gunfire- it's safest to pick off guards while they reload.
However, to encourage stealth, all headshots on unshielded enemies are instant kills (keep this is mind for the combat simulator as well). Headshots through windows in doors work just as well.

You can find shields on almost every mission on the first two difficulties- usually there’ll be two on Agent, one on Special, and these are always found in the same locations (you won’t find any shields while playing on Perfect).

Try here for a Perfect Agent walkthrough if you need help for specific sections/missions. Speedrunwiki and speed run videos on youtube can also be helpful. Despite the game awarding all 3 stars for completing missions on Perfect, the difficulty achievements are not stackable- a full run through each difficulty is required to earn its respective achievement.

Crowning Glory - 5
Earn all the Leaderboard Crowns.

Crowns are essentially an extended achievement list, you need all 26 to unlock the achievement (the unlockable Avatar items, gamerpics, and theme are not required for the achievment). Check out Echtzeit's Crown Guide for more detail. This is easily the most difficult and time consuming achievement in the game, and requires full speed runs of all 3 difficulties among it's various requirements. You can check what crowns you have and what you still need by checking Awards under Help & Options in the pause menu.

Avatar Awards

Perfect Aim- Kill any enemy with a headshot
Self explanatory- shoot an unshielded enemy in the head and this will unlock.

Top Secret- Complete a special assignment

Complete one of the 4 bonus mission (The Duel, Mr Blonde's Revenge, Maian SOS, War) on any difficulty and this will unlock.


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Perfect Dark Achievement Guide
Perfect Dark Firing Range Guide
Perfect Dark Guide Collection + Glitch List
<- links to all guides in the PD forum

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