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Credits & Thanks

All guides written and tested by me
Echtzeit and everyone that helped out in the Crown Guide
Everyone that contributed to this guide
BanditBanks and Edoraz for motivation (just seeing your times on the leaderboards, then trying and usually failing to beat them)
Rare and 4J Studios for making and porting an awesome game

This guide is intended only for x360a, apart from what has been posted on TrueAchievements by me already. It is not to be reposted anywhere, whether as a whole or individual parts.

Retail 1000+ in 18 games (most recent: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
Arcade/Expansion 200+ in 5 games (most recent: Perfect Dark)

Perfect Dark Achievement Guide
Perfect Dark Firing Range Guide
Perfect Dark Guide Collection + Glitch List
<- links to all guides in the PD forum

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