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I finally managed to get this to play on my comp. I'm not sure this will help anyone but heres what I think happened to me. Recently I had a virus called the KGB Virus which I read blocks certain programs. When I took my laptop over to my family's house, I couldn't connect to their internet because this virus I didn't know I had was blocking it. I think it was blocking Waldo as well. I managed to get that removed and solved. I never tried playing Waldo after so tonight I tried again as usual, and it worked. Not sure if this matters either but I started the game through the program files as well instead of gfwl, granted I did that before with no luck. If you don't know where that is its at C:\Program Files\Ludia\Where's Waldo . Then clicked on the icon second from the bottom called Waldo.exe. Not sure if this will help many people but hopefully it will help some.
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