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Hi guys just joined and thought I would post here about my problem with this DLC I downloaded it yesterday and played both chapters and got all achievements from it but the gamerscore wasn't added to my gamerscore as the website hadn't been updated till after I had played it,so I looked everywhere on the net to see if anyone else had the same problem as me and I found one on here and he was told to recover his gamertag once the website was up dated and then play the game again and he will get the achievements again.

So I did all that and played the game again to re get them all but guest what not a single achievement popped up at all and I have recovered my gamertag 4 times now deleted all game saves and redownloaded the DLC and cleared my cache,only to still not get them so I rang customer support and the guy said they had no reported problems for that DLC and he spoke to his supervisor and he said there wasn't a problem at there end but would look in to it and phone me back monday as I'm away till then from tonight.

So I put in a game of my dads and I could still get achievements so I know I'm ok getting achievements from other games,but not from this DLC so if it can't be sorted I have wasted 800 microsoft points.

Now I played the DLC on another profile after the website was updated and I could get the achievements as I got the first two,so the problem has to be with my gamer profile and xboxlive and the DLC.
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