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Originally Posted by Coleman811 View Post
How to get the Phoenix:
YouTube- Perfect Dark - Area 51 2 (Perfect Agent) - Speed Run

Not sure if it has to be on PA
Don't start the mission until buddy says "in that crate" (like in the video)
Locked door - You have to been focusing in the middle of that door to open it.(tiny sliver visible)
yeah that works, or keep the technician alive on the previous mission and he'll open the door for you. not sure if using that method needs to be on perfect, but the technician way work on everything.
otherwise you can also find dual phoenixes on skedar ruins (use the devestator to destroy all the pillars that you don't use the target amplifiers on- the phoenixes are found near the chasm as you move through the level).

Originally Posted by ZANKI0H View Post
Yeah that's what i do but that's didn't work out :s
try to run at him on an angle, it seems to work more consistantly that way.

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