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Originally Posted by Andrew x360a View Post
At this point, has there been any word on a patch?
No sign of a patch. I checked the official forums, no one from the staff dares to answer.
As you can see, several people from xbox360achievements tried to get an answer over there but still nothing.

Originally Posted by Andrew x360a View Post
If I havn't started the game, can I simply do the DLC achievements first and then unlock the online ones from the original 1000?
If the current theory is right, you can do the whole game and unlock all the DLC achievements. You can even be connected to the Xbox Live. Just be sure not to play any game in versus mode (multiplayer), this way no online achievement will unlock.

I don't know if I'm clear, but, you can play co-op, earn every achievement related to the campaign and to the DLC, if you don't have those achievements:

Originally Posted by llll epic llll View Post
Fancy Meeting You Here 5

Job Seeker 10


Death Dealer 10

Power Couple 15

All Guns Blazing 30

Bound For Life 30

Survival of the Fittest 50

Big Game Hunting 5

King of the Hill 30
Since we don't know for the moment if the bug is related to clearly defined achievements or just to the fact that they have to be "multiplayer", the list above has 10 of them.

Avoid getting these and you should be able to unlock those included in the DLC.

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