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I know I have posted in another thread on the DLCand I was one that earned them before the update but I have tried to re-earn them again after I recovering my gamertag and clearing my cache but I can't unlock them again,but tomorrow I am going to clear my cache again and play offline to see if they will unlock again and if not I will have to wait till my monday and ask the Microsoft supervisor whether they could unlock them to my gamertag so I can recover it with them added as I have earned them as EA have them on my stats for the game.

But if not EA should remove any evidence of me earning them so I can re-earn them so they appear on my gamertag and gamerscore but with EA having them appear on my stats page could be why I can't unlock them again,but really Microsoft/EA should of waited for to be updated first then stick it on the markerplace for people to download.
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