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Exclamation Fireworks? Try this!


It looks like the Fireworks is still problematic for everyone. However, I may have a solution, or at least a way to get it.

In Level 1-5 (Return to the Village), there are three Knight Watchers. One at the very beginning, two at the very end. I'm not certain if this requires you to kill solely with grenades, or whether you can use other weapons... however, JUST USE GRENADES! B At the first one, there's an ammo refill right in the middle of the platform you're on. The latter two at the end has a refill on the second level; use the vertical climb to jump on one of the ledges and go inside to find it. Just keep tossing grenades, trying to time the hold so that it explodes near the knights, and refill when you run out. By focusing on just using grenades, we can be more sure that there isn't another trigger that 'discounts' the kill from your total.

Important: Don't die. I'm not sure if you lose kill counts if you die before the check points. If you are getting nailed, find cover quick. Best suggestion is to do this on casual, so you have a lot more HP to work with. Just dodge out of the way until your screen returns to normal,

Try this, and see if this helps you out. Don't worry about the other fliers; focus just on the knights in this level and see if you get the achieve. Zoom as fast as you can through the middle part, and see if you don't get the achieve after 3-4 runs.

If this works, please post in this thread. If it doesn't, give it another 2 runs trying to kill those 3 knights with grenades, without dying during the stage. If you still don't get it, post your experience here as well.
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