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Complete The Game25
Finish the game.

Mission 5.4

There are 5 Missions, each with 3 to 4 stages. Once you’ve defeated the boss on Mission 5.4, this achievement will unlock. If you get stuck on a particular boss or level, you can use the video walkthroughs that you’ll find here to help you out.
If you unlocked the only 2 achievements related to the ‘Hardest’ difficulty (Often Say Die and Chopper Stopper), you can always restart a new game on the easiest difficulty setting. But with the save feature you shouldn’t have any trouble at all on finishing the game.

Often Say Die25
Play through 20 player deaths, with difficulty set to Hardest.

Mission 1.1 or later – Can be glitchy!!

You have to die at least 20 times and the difficulty setting must be set to ‘Hardest’.
Simply start a new game, set difficulty to hardest, lives to 5 and continues to 5 as well.
As soon as the game starts, let yourself get killed using all your lives and all the continues until “Game Over” appears on the screen, unlocking the achievement.
In case it didn’t, restart a new game with the same settings but this time choose 4 continues instead of 5.

Points III25
Score 300,000 points.

Mission 2.1

Easiest place to grind all the points related achievements is at the end of Mission 2.1.
Be sure you still have all your lives and all your continues left!! This is important.
When you get to the end of this mission, you’ll see a part of a ship’s bow.
This is a good place to save your game and make sure you don’t overwrite that save. Don’t jump on the platform! Now, at the ship's bow, move right until you cannot move anymore and have to jump. If you got to the chopper, you went too far! Go back or reload a save as you don't want the chopper to leave. Now start spamming the button. There will be an infinite number of enemies spawning. Do this until the timer runs out and you’ll restart at the beginning of the level. Go back to end of this level and keep repeating this strategy so you’ll be netting 10.000-12.000 points over again.
You’ll unlock all the points related achievements before all the continues are consumed.
If you’re not sure about the location to do this strategy, go to the 3 minutes and 37 seconds mark of the first video walkthrough that you can find here

Perfect Challenge25
Complete a perfect bonus round.

Can be done at the end of every mission and before starting a new one

Easiest done at the end of Mission 1.3, as the challenge levels after that only become tougher.
Before the actual challenge level starts, make sure to make a save so you can reload just in case you’d fail.
All you have to do is kill all the ninjas coming from left and right. The ninjas will start in the back, eventually jumping to the front, and then on you.
So, start moving the from left to right and back and continuously hitting the button.
You should kill most of them this way. If you notice a ninja (or two) jumping to the front, take them down as soon as possible!

Chopper Stopper15
Defeat the Black Turtle helicopter in Mission 2... with difficulty on Hardest.

Mission 2.4

All you need to do is destroy the chopper ‘boss’ at the end of Mission 2.4 on the Hardest difficulty.
Keep jumping using the button and throwing ninja stars using the all the way towards the nose of the chopper, as this is its weak spot!
Eventually there will be some yellow ninjas jumping down the chopper. Take them down as quickly as possible. The ninja need two hits before getting killed.
As soon as you’ve killed all the yellow ninjas, the chopper will shoot a low and high rocket at you. You need to dodge them or you can also try to destroy a rocket shooting a ninja star at it.

Points II15
Score 80,000 points.

See Points III

What's a Ninja?15
Complete Mission 1 without losing a life.

Missions 1.1 to 1.3

You need to do Missions 1.1, 1.2 and kill the boss on Mission 1.3 without losing a single life in order to unlock this achievement. If necessary, save after every enemy you’ve taken down and reload if you get killed.
Shoot a few ninja stars at the eye of the boss avoiding his double fire balls attack, and keep an eye on the “Boss Pow”. Once the boss is weakened, use your magic attack by pressing to deal a good amount of damage.

Rescue 25 hostages.

Mission 3.1 or later

Throughout the game you’ll have to rescue hostages. There are more than 25 hostages throughout the game, so don’t worry if you’ve missed a few. Assuming you’ve rescued them all from the beginning of the game, the achievement will unlock after rescuing the second or third hostage on Mission 3.1

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