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Im not takin the piss but i found most of the levels pretty damn easy, the only thing that did get to me and im serious it did get to me, was the lack of checkpoints and the walls that you cover behind that are actually not there so the AI just tear you to bits.

On top of that a few other really really bad things:

Powercut on the level where your with zee french and you gotta blow up the air-guns in the trenches just as the last one was blown and it never saved and instead buggered up my save so had to start again.

And also my xbox died recently and my bro tuck it down for me and forgot to keep the damn hard drive and i was on the 2nd to last level of the campaign

But meh i forgive him, mean i can go through the hell again

Honestly guys i know its frustrating an all but come on have you ever actually played any other game that was so hard yet so rewarding once beating the level??? All these new games are basically walkthroughs, they're too easy, we need more games like this it'll make them last. In all honesty COD3 is my ultimate favourate game, i've had my copy since it came out ffs i love it!!

I just hate ranked multiplayer lol
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