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At the forest. I got to the first checkpoint and had to turn in off to leave for the day. I am gonna start it up tomorrow and try and beat a few missions. This game is honestly the hardest of them all, BUT it is for totally glitched reasons. The AI chains in this game are unrelenting you can take out 8 guys and by the time you hit the 9th 6 of them are back in place ready to kill you. So many moments in this game have made me literally rethink living.

The best thing that has happened to me actually 3 times now and I have no idea how to stop it other than cry. I am behind cover, slowly sneaking out around a corner to shoot and I am immediately lit up. For some reason instead of just doing the normal 1 more hit and dead thing. The screen shakes and my character goes prone and moves quickly.....RIGHT INTO THE FUCKING LINE OF FIRE! Honestly I thought the nazi death box was bad but really.... Treyarch hates me that much that they force me to die?

Please tell me this has at least happened to someone. (maybe not the into fire bit) Has anyone actually been saved by this ungodly glitch of a failsafe?!
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