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Originally Posted by unkled20 View Post
OK, so here is another "tip". I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but here is what I did.

I rented this game before and got all the achievements except for the stupid Kobe one. I decided to rent it again and give it another go. I had already deleted the game info. from my hard drive for this game (which I do for most games when I'm done with them). Anyway, I load up the dunk contest and select LeBron James, Tracy MacGrady, Jason Richardson and Vince Carter as my contestants. I controlled all four.

I do the up up dunk for every single dunk in the contest, never making one until the final dunk overall. I don't hit any buttons and let the game go through it's stuff after the final dunk (as mentioned before by others in other threads). Kobe shows up the first contest I do! He hits his first dunk for a 93. I figure "here we go again" and I try to do the hard dunks, but I don't hit them so I score very low. Kobe missed his second dunk and I was unable to win because I couldn't pull off the second dunk! Grrrrr! It had been a while since I played!

So, I decide to delete the game info. and see if he shows up the first try again. I do the same stuff I mentioned before. Kobe shows up again and missed his first dunk! I'm ready this time and just do a basic dunk that scores me a 79. He gets a 92 on his second dunk. I score 74 on my second basic dunk and bam, achievement is unlocked!

Like I said, I don't know if this will work for everyone but it couldn't hurt to try. After all beating one dunk by Kobe is much easier than beating two.

Good luck all and I hope it works for you!!!
Just want to say this worked like a charm! I couldn't believe it when he challenged me after all those crappy dunks. FYI, according to another recommendation on a diff post I placed LeBron as first slot and used him for the wins(believed that Kobe frequents more against LeBron). I lost the first challenge cus i missed my 2nd dunk, so booted to dashboard, then went back to another dunk off and AGAIN got challenged and won... thanks... almost 2yrs in the making for this damn cheevo.
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