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Just beat CoD3 last night on Veteran. It is by far the hardest of the series that I have played. But saying that I do have to say it is only the hardest for the STUPIDEST reasons. There are so many glitches that it is a blattent unavoidable reality that Treyarch did NO play-testing What so EVER! I must have died a good 30 times due to glitch spots and areas where going prone too close to a wall automatically puts me on top of the wall while prone. Box tops stopping me in my tracks. and map restrictions in the dumbest areas possible. All of these problems killed me many more times than the old 100% headshot before I turn a corner. So without further bitching my list goes as follows.

1: CoD 3
2: CoD 2
3: CoD W@W
4: CoD MW
5: CoD MW2

now time for some classic
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