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Outstanding Competitor 10
Earn a gold medal in any challenge on Normal difficulty.

You should be used to all the challenges from novice, and they change slightly but you should still be able to get gold medals pretty easily. Pick the one you're most comfortable with, and grab the gold medal for it!

Brave 15
Win the fourth Tournament always fighting the highest rated opponent.

Fight every opponent closest to the top that is available. It doesn't matter if you are defeated, you can keep trying. This is missable so make sure you have a save beforehand.

Fearless 10
Win against the leader of the fourth Tournament.

All of these matches will be a 4v4. You should have all your dragons trained up fully. Use Deadly Nadder and if you are needing to, leave the tournament to refill on health. You will notice the battles becoming a little bit tougher!

Brainy 30
Perform 6 sequences in a row in the Memory Torch challenge on Expert difficulty.

To get a gold medal on Memory Torch, you must complete 5 sequences. You must remember to complete 6 in a row without fail. Memory Touch is still very easy, even on expert. If it helps, say the button sequences out loud . Saying them out loud helps when the mini game changes the buttons around which will be confusing if you are focusing on button layout. As a last resort you can have a paper and a pen or a computer and write them down to get perfection. Just pay attention to the time of using this method.

Enlightened 15
Gather 100 rare ingredients.

Doing all of the challenges should be giving you a lot of rare items. There’s no real easy way to track your rare items, but this should unlock naturally through challenge progression and throughout the story as you gathered ingredients.

Precise 30
Recreate 3 dragons in a row without mistakes in the Puzzle Dragon challenge on Expert difficulty.

The dragon matching game is a bit harder now, as it makes you also choose the color for the dragon. This can be very annoying, as the colors for certain dragons are extremely hard to figure out. Deadly Nadder is pretty easy as practically it's whole body is one color. You must get 3 dragons in a row right, and because of the difficulty you may only have 30 seconds max left over after a third. One mistake will cost you here. It's best to skip the intro, and only look at the dragon for a body part or two at a time.

What an Artist! 30
Sculpt 10 ice blocks in a row in the Ice Sculpting challenge on Expert difficulty.

This one seems like it would be very hard on expert. It only takes a few good attempts and someluck. There are exactly 10 ice blocks to burn through before you go to the bonus round. I failed twice, and on my third try I was able to get 16 in a row. This may prove very difficult for some people, but just keep attempting it.

To Hit the Bull's Eyes 30
Clear 5 checkpoint rings in a row in the Looping Race challenge on Expert difficulty.

May take you a few attempts, but just go through the rings hitting when prompted on every one of them. You will notice rings that have a black fancy ring in the middle, these are where you get your points. You will have to press two buttons at the same time while passing, but they give plenty of time to do so. Within a few tries, you should have this one mastered. Missing one ring will require you to retry.

Shepherd Dragon 30
Bring back 5 brown sheep in a row in the Flying Shepherd challenge on Expert difficulty.

Get all of the brown sheep that you can find, and then you’ll have to grab a black one and drag it in the water and hope that it’s brown. Though, I do think everything is a little bit random. After that is complete you have to get gold medals on this. It is the most time consuming and hard challenge because of how random it is. You may run out of time bringing your last one in, or could even have 40 seconds over all depending on where the sheep are. First off, hit at a good rate so that you are always going fast but not fatiuged. Always get the white sheep last, as they only give you 5 seconds added. When you encounter a black sheep, do not wash it, as it gives you 10 seconds (as well as the brown). If you wash it and it's white, you'll only get 5 seconds. Just by saving all sheep you will get a gold medal.

Game Over! 30
Win all the medals for all difficulty levels in each challenge.

This will take a little time. You will be doing this around 4 times at least anyways, as you have to do this for experience to get all of your dragons up to level 25. Just read the tips in the above achievements for help.

Viking Gold 30
Have 10,000 gold in Story mode.

This is not accumulative. You must have all 10,000 at one time. Just don’t spend any money until you get the achievement. You will have a huge spike in gold once you start doing the expert challenges, so don’t worry too much if you’ve been spending any. If you've been spending it, don't panic. You can keep doing the same challenges of your choice over to gain more gold.

Cooking Master 15
Buy all recipes from the shop.

You should have saved up the 10,000 gold and gotten the “Viking Gold” achievement. Now go spend it on all the recipes which should now all be available at the shop. You’ll still have plenty of money left over, but see Shopping Master for details on what to do with the remaining amount.

In Feathers 15
Catch 200 chickens.

Every time you pass the chickens during story mode you should be catching them. To catch (slaughter) them, just press when near them and prompted to. You can check your stats in the den, and it will show how many you have.

More Wild Meat 15
Catch 200 sheep or boars.

This can also be tracked in the den, and it’s a combination of both animals found in town and in the wild area. There's only two types, sheep and boar. You should be getting a lot of these during your story mode anyways, as they help with healing dragons and are easy to obtain. You do this the same way as catching chickens.

Shopping Master 30
Spend 10,000 gold at the shop.

Go ahead and save before the final tournament and go spend your money at the store. Once all of the items are bought, run back to your house and exit. All of the items will be available again. Once you have gotten the achievement, reload your game to get your money back, which I suggest. You will be needing money to spend for the wild battles against the Viking.

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