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Invulnerable 90
Win the final Championship with none of your dragons being KO.

This is probably the hardest achievement in the game! The battles are now way more intense and you have to beat 4 dragons in a row without having one KO against you. Use Deadly Nadder as a dragon (hopefully you picked this one up like suggested). Make sure it’s a level 22 (the highest you can be doing all the trainings and challenges). Use the method you've probably been using this whole time anyways described in the roadmap, or refer to the "Perfect" achievement which shows a video on the tactic. This will prove difficult otherwise, unless you are very good at the game. Save after every win!

Glory to Astrid 15
Finish the Story mode with Astrid.

Depending on who you picked as your character, you will get an achievement for beating the game with them. After your last tournament is complete, this will unlock and you will be able to continue doing everything else that you need to do. This is for completing the game with Astrid.

Glory to Hiccup 15
Finish the Story mode with Hiccup.

See “Glory to Astrid”. This is for completing the game with Hiccup.

Belong to the Legend 30
Unlock all legendary dragons.

After you’re done completing the game, you will be able to now obtain all of the legendary dragons. The Viking next to the challenges in the wild area has the rest of the ones you need. You must pay him to fight them and once complete, you will earn them. They are very easy battles, but there are several of them.

Legendary Fighter 30
Win all wild fights.

Do all of the battles against the Viking by the challenges on the beach. They start costing up to 1500 gold so be prepared to be spending a lot of money. Luckily the challenges are right next to you, so you can gain money by getting medals, which you’ll need to do anyways to get all dragons to 25.

Final Evolution 30
Have a level 25 dragon.

To get to level 25 you must have completed all trainings and gold medals on all challenge difficulties, as well as fought every battle available against the Viking in the wild area. It takes a while, but really isn’t that hard at all. Just remember, the highest level you can get to is 22 in the storyline. You cannot get to 25 until you have beaten all the tournaments, as the Viking by the challenge area will stop talking to you until you have completed the story.

All Stars 90
Have 4 level 25 dragons.

The only thing you should have left to do now is get all the gold medals for every difficulty in the challenges and possibly finishing up the rest of the trainings. You can check what challenges/medals are complete with each dragon by selecting the dragon for each challenge. It will show what medals you have earned. You should be good at all the challenges by now, and it shouldn’t prove very difficult. You have to have all 4 on this one save file.

Ally or Enemy? 10
Import at least one dragon in Arcade mode.

Load up your save file from the main menu, but instead of going to story go to arcade. Go to export and hit yes. Don’t worry the only saving it’s doing is the info it’s gathering. It will not erase your story dragons. Go to play a battle and it should unlock at some point at dragon selection. Your dragons will be in the leftmost bubbles.

Commander 30
Win 10 fights in a row in 1 Player Arcade mode on Hard difficulty.

This achievement is quite easy. In arcade mode, go to dragon editor and throw in a default dragon without spending any points in attributes. Now go to arcade (has to be single player). Pick your best dragon (Deadly Nadder) and ready up. Now pick the AI dragon as one of the default “no attribute” ones. You can easily win 10 times in a row without even losing your first health bar on hard. If you really are still having trouble with this (you won’t but just in case), you can make it 4vs1, an unfair fight in your advantage. To make things go really fast, just keep hitting rematch.

Exceptional Tamer 15
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of custom dragons from the Story mode.

You will only have to fight 10 technically because you should have done the Commander achievement with your personal dragon from the story. Though this time you will be playing on easy and ripping through it in no time!

All for One 15
Win a fight with each default and Legendary dragons in 1 Player Arcade mode

If you want while going for all other arcade achievements, throw in the various legendary dragons into your party of 4. You don't have to win battles while fighting with them, just have taken them into a battle, win or lose. You can go 4 at a time, or mix them while going for other arcade achievements. Can only do this after you have completed all of the wild fights in story mode to unlock them.

They Are Alive! 15
Win 20 fights in 1 Player Arcade mode with a team of dragons created with the Dragon Editor.

Make some dragons in dragon editor. They can be vs any dragons you want, including ones also from the editor. You only have to fight with one in your party, as I was doing 1v1 to get this. Make sure in dragon editor you spend all of the skill points as well as combo points.

Viking Inhabitant 30
Play more than 20 hours in Story or Arcade mode (primary profile only).

This will come along as you're playing. Make sure you save whenever you're done with arcade mode. This can only be done with one save file, it will not spread across other playthroughs. There's no real need to leave your Xbox on, unless you are in a rush to get it and not planning to get all 1000 in the game. The time you spend is listed on the save file if you're wondering how far along you are.

Conqueror 15
Win 100 fights in either 1 Player or 2 Players Arcade mode.

You will be obtaining this as you complete all of the other arcade achievements, and most likely will get this before you obtain the "Perfection" achievement. For some reason the game does not track your Arcade stats, but with rematch and ease, you can do this all in one sitting within an hour or two.

Perfect 15
Win 50 fights without being injured in 1 Player Arcade mode.

This achievement seems really hard, and as you try for it you'll get hit at least once almost every time. You might be lucky to get 1 perfect every 10 battles. Using the Deadly Nadder tactic, with practice, you should be getting perfect 9 out of 10 times. I have made a video of me getting 3 in a row to show you how easy it is! I found going against the Night Fury dragon was easiest. Default dragon editor edition of course, while you use your overpowered Deadly Nadder from the story. I have tried all of the legendary versions, and their points are not distributed well! You cannot be hit even once. It doesn't matter if you're life refills, you will not get a perfect if you're hit. Also I would like to point out that you cannot get a perfection by running the time out.

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