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Originally Posted by Murbay View Post
Marines only drop money, hearts, knifes and flintlock

Your best bet for getting heads from enemies are other pirates including the flying dutchmen crew. You need to be careful with these though because they also drop grenados which explode when you activate your move. Your best option is to try and claim these souls when not having to defend another crew member.

It is possible to get all 100 from one level, though it will take time.

1. Look for a level where you are only playing as Jack

2. Try and go into a fight with 3 heads already as you normally get swarmed first thing so plenty of kills quickly.

3. Use a sword, punch, sword combo as this fills your meter quickly

4. When your meter changes to a different colour you can use your special move.

5. keep attacking till you build up another 3 heads then run away to activate it.

6. Be sure not to kill the special character otherwise there will be no more respawns.

7. Just keep repeating till you hit your 100.

I am still trying to find the easiest and quickest level for doing this. It is possible to do this on the isla Cruces level at the end as long as you can keep both Elizabeth and Will alive through it all.
I dnt understand that because you only get a small amount of time to collect souls so even if you hit and hit as fast and you can you only get around 20 souls... 30 at the very most so how can you possibly get 100 souls on one level?

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