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X360A Ultimate FAQ

This guide should help clear up a lot of repeat questions. The following information will guide you towards the answers you may be looking for, if there is something missing please let me know.

Getting Started: Some of you have probably asked some of these questions before so here are a few threads to cover everything you need from profile maintenance to achievement guide preparation.


All new users will have to make 10 posts as a minimum requirement before they can edit their profile details. This includes: Gamertags, Signatures, Avatars etc.



Posts & Threads

Before you jump in and start making posts always use the search function, if you can't find anything look around the forum before posting. There are a few threads that you'll see in each individual game forum. Read how to use the stickies before making new threads.
  • Search before you post
  • Don't double post
  • Abusive posts are not tolerated
  • Do not bump threads
If those basic posting rules aren't enough here is a list of forum/site rules for your to look over. Breaching these rules will lead to either infractions or a ban depending on your offense so make sure you know them and use common sense at all times.

Forum/Site Rules

Guide Writing
Reporting Issues: If you either run into an issue with a member or find a mistake on the website these links may be useful.

Member Issues
After reading through these threads you should be an expert in maintaining your profile. You also know everything about achievement guides, roadmaps and all the other small but interesting parts to this forum.

Getting Tech: There are quite a few technical based questions and plenty of threads to answer your questions. There are plenty of threads which may have answered your questions but there are other resources which may prove useful.
There are a lot of technical questions to ask so dig through the tech forum to see if anyone else has asked what your looking for.

If your after a custom signature you can find a large group of talented users who will be able to aid your requests. If you have any other graphic based questions you can also find tutorials and ask for help with your own projects.
Game Related: If you want to find out game specific information the following threads may prove useful.
If you have any questions regarding a certain game please post those questions in the forum for that game.
thank you i was trying to figure that out.
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