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Me and my girlfriend played the ES2 on Expert Guitar and Hard Bass respectively (she didn't fancy Panic Attack and Visions on Expert Bass). We were doing fine pretty much, we were intending to get Vinyl/Gold Artist achievements aswell as BoS.

Then we got to Visions....obviously we knew the song was going to cause hiccups but to fail the song literally after the last note on the Expert Guitar (after my Bassist failed out) takes the biscuit. Had we stayed in the song 2 seconds more, we would have passed the song

Something that didn't help was the fact that I had to play Expert Guitar charts at Hard difficulty scrolling speed. It made Visions look a mess along with other hard songs with sweeping solos. If I was aware of this, I would have played on Hard also.

I never liked Visions from the beginning, the song sounds god awful but now I hate it ever so more.

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