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question: ive played through half the game, deleted it because it was glitched to the point i couldnt save it. im about to start up again. in terms of achievements, i was at the halfway point, getting most northern cheeves (if not all) and the only one in the south being to hit all the convoys. is there anything i need to do again specifically or anything i can skip in order to speed up playing? do i need to, say, hit all the convoys since ive done that? ive gotten the subvert all miss. for the north. do i need to do them again or only in the south?

also, is it easier to get all the tapes/diamonds while still in the north or get them all at the end? also also, what about the 4 diamonds in that middle region between north and south? ive read i need to get those before passing on. thanks

and finally, can anybody describe the glitched achievement(s) for me that can affect later achievement(s)? i missed it on here last time and DONT want to play through all this again to get it.

thanks for any and all help given.
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