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Ok so far that's 5 including me.If we have at least 8 we should be good.

1.Ibiki Morino
2.bacon2 0
4.IB A IL O U x
7.Celestial Being

Anyone else? also I need to know when everyone is usually on so we can try to get online at the same time.

Those who only have the Hokage achievement left we will try to go 10 wins each and those who still need the Academy Graduate Genin,and Chunin can take turns beating each and you still get points for losing and don't forfeit the match because I think you get even more points if you take out most of the other persons health.So the one who is going to win should let the one who is going to lose take out most of their health and if you're in the tournament and you need the 2 wins for the achievement just say so we can let you win the get it.

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