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I did it... Finally. And now I can do it 7 of 10 times.....
1) Snipe the germans in the trench across the road as your guys pop smoke
2) With smoke deployed, run to a rock to the left of the overturned jeep. Kill the guys to the left and advance to a larger rock with a tree near it. it is on the left side as well.
3) Snipe the germans across the path hidind behind trees and pop smoke in the direction of bunker. Advance to the rock to the right of the rock you are already behind.
4) Pop more smoke towards the bunker and advance to a rock on your left. Stay prone once you reach the rock. Pop up and kill any germans in the area.
5) Eventually, once you kill a load of 'em, your guys will move up. Go with them carefully and toss a grenade inside the bunker to kill the rest.

Now I'll finally get 100G on this game. Can't wait
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